ReGeneration Tour: Energizing America’s Youth

Billy Hallowell (left) and Evan Todd (right)

Sex.  Drugs.  Personal image.  Peer pressure.  Self image. The list of issues that America’s youth (Millennials) face is ever-growing.  While the situation facing teens and young adults seems daunting, there’s hope.  It is this hope that has brought Columbine survivor Evan M. Todd and journalist and advocate Billy Hallowell back together in an effort to revitalize America through the ReGeneration Tour.

Todd and Hallowell offer an entertaining and inspiring…motivating and educating…and an empowering and effective program.  ReGeneration isn’t simply an assembly event; it’s a comprehensive program for middle, high school and college students that will yield solid results.

Tackling the problems and obstacles that today’s youth face may seem impossible, but through viable discussion and proper strategy, they can be conquered.  Through Todd and Hallowell’s presentation, young Americans will explore four key components — respect, character, responsibility and perseverance — all elements young people will need to be active and productive members of our society.

The answer comes from them and how they respond. It is a matter of character and the choices they make. Just like math or science, character must be taught. Character must be encouraged and practiced because character will eventually be tested.

The ReGeneration Tour brings tools and techniques for parents, educators, and students.  These overall presentation aids in character development, while grappling with the everyday life issues that Millennials are faced with.  Todd and Hallowell believe that it is the character of each individual that determines his or her ultimately their destiny.

For more information about how you can bring the ReGeneration Tour to your school or community, click here.